Smiley - 50th anniversary

Smiley was created in 1972 by French journalist Franklin Loufrani who used the Smiley logo to highlight good news in the newspaper France Soir. It's been 50 years since the Smiley infiltrated the modes of communication and became a vector of joy through the written language but also through many products around the world. Monnaie de Paris is celebrating this anniversary with a collection of mini-medals and a silver coin.

The adaptation of the Smiley on a coin or a medal goes further than a simple pictorial retranscription. It is the very expression of Smiley's emotions and aura that allow Monnaie de Paris to perfect its tribute for the 50th anniversary of the yellow smile.

Engraver word

Emblematic mini medals

Each mini-medal highlights a particular emotion : love, gratitude, gluttony, joy and laughing. The medals are packaged in a coloured packaging, to treat to someone or to yourself.