Our HR policies

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Gender equality

Within the framework of Monnaie de Paris 2024 strategic plan, Monnaie de Paris has decided to put in place an ambitious policy promoting gender equality.

An action plan, which complements our gender equality agreement, was drawn up in 2021, providing for actions combined around five themes:

  • hiring;
  • training;
  • promotion;
  • the articulation between professional life and the exercising of family responsibility;
  • remuneration

This overarching policy marks an evolution in our responsible and engaged employer policy with respect to the place of women in Monnaie de Paris. It is carried out with the means and the ambition necessary to enable Monnaie de Paris to rise to the level of best practice in terms of combatting inequality between women and men in the professional environment.

Actions in favour of disabled people

Monnaie de Paris implements a determined policy in favour of the inclusion of people with disabilities.

In addition to recruitment mentioning handicap-welcome in the adverts and actions carried out by the Handi-Health nurses/referrers to promote maintaining disabled employees in employment, partnerships are put in place with ESAT employment aid services.

Thus, within the context of a contract entered into with a regional ESAT, a team of five to ten handicapped workers (managed by a coordinator) come to the Pessac site to package collector's coins. For these persons, this professional experience represents an opportunity to enrich their skills, their knowledge and their know-how.

Handicap awareness actions are undertaken throughout the year in respect of the employees of Monnaie de Paris, notably on the occasion of the European Handicapped Persons Employment Week which takes place every year in November and in which Monnaie de Paris actively participates. The events organised on this occasion enable links to be created between the specialised external actors and the in-house handicap referrers. They also enable new ideas to flourish such as the organisation throughout the year of fun-based, participative handicap workshops.



Professional training is a capital challenge in a changing world. At Monnaie de Paris, training is considered to be a primordial axis, enabling employees to adapt to their positions, changes in professions to be anticipated and the development of skills and employability in the long term. It is a strategic lever in developing performance and know-how on the increasingly competitive employment market. Within this context, over two-thirds of our workforce are trained every year on professional but also transverse topics.

Priority to integration

So that new colleagues who join us every year feel integrated as soon as they arrive, we accompany them in this key stage of their career at Monnaie de Paris. This includes comprehension of our organisation, of our processes and of our manufacturing methods, notably via meetings and exchanges between the various departments and visits to the manufacturing workshops in Paris and Pessac.

A welcome day is organised for all new arrivals in order to discover the enterprise’s culture. Managers ensure the integration of their new colleagues. They pay particular attention to their arrival and settling-in conditions. In order to ensure optimal monitoring, an interview is systematically scheduled with Human Resources management six months after the arrival of new employees in the enterprise.

Work experience and internships

Monnaie de Paris implements an active policy in favour of the professional insertion of young people by way of work experience and internships.

Completing an internship or work experience at Monnaie de Paris provides an opportunity to discover the workings of the enterprise, its employees and the variety of professions. In partnership with schools, Monnaie de Paris implements actions in order to make the enterprise’s professions visible to students, notably thanks to the organisation of visits to the production workshops and museum.

Monnaie de Paris systematically watches over the coherence between the training followed and the internship assignment proposed. A tutor accompanies the intern/work experience student throughout their pathway and facilitates their apprenticeship so that their experience within the enterprise constitutes a key stage in the construction of their professional project.

Throughout the year Monnaie de Paris proposes internship assignments for all levels:

  • technical internship (from CAP to degree);
  • university internships (Baccalauréat +2 to Baccalauréat +5) ;
  • engineer internships (from manual worker internship to End of Studies Dissertation);
  • work experience assignments for levels ranging from Baccalauréat +2 to Baccaulauréat +5 of 12 to 24 months.

Priorité à l'intégration

Afin que les nouveaux collaborateurs qui nous rejoignent chaque année se sentent intégrés dès leur arrivée, nous les accompagnons dans cette étape clé de leur carrière à la Monnaie de Paris. Cela passe par la compréhension de notre organisation, de nos process et de nos méthodes de fabrication, notamment au travers de rencontres et d’échanges entre les différents services et de visites des ateliers de fabrication à Paris et Pessac.

Une journée d’accueil est organisée pour tous les nouveaux arrivants afin de découvrir la culture de l’entreprise. Le manager assure l'intégration de son nouveau collaborateur. Il porte une attention particulière à son arrivée et aux conditions d'installation. Afin d’assurer un suivi optimal, un entretien est systématiquement programmé avec la Direction des ressources humaines six mois après l’arrivée des nouveaux collaborateurs dans l’entreprise.

Alternances et stages

La Monnaie de Paris mène une politique active en faveur de l’insertion professionnelle des jeunes par la voie de l’alternance et des stages.

Effectuer un stage ou une alternance au sein de la Monnaie de Paris permet de découvrir les coulisses de l’entreprise, ses collaborateurs, et la variété des métiers. En partenariat avec les écoles, la Monnaie de Paris met en place des actions afin de rendre les métiers de l’entreprise visibles auprès des étudiants notamment grâce à l’organisation de visites des ateliers de production et du musée.

La Monnaie de Paris veille systématiquement à la cohérence entre la formation suivie et la mission de stage proposée. Un tuteur accompagne le stagiaire/alternant tout au long de son parcours et facilite son apprentissage afin que son expérience au sein de l’entreprise constitue une étape clé dans la construction de son projet professionnel.

Tout au long de l’année, la Monnaie de Paris propose des missions de stage pour tous les niveaux :

  • des stages techniques (du CAP à la Licence)
  • des stages universitaires (de Bac +2 à Bac +5)
  • des stages ingénieurs (du stage ouvrier au Travail de Fin d’Étude)
  • des missions en alternance pour les niveaux allant de Bac +2 à Bac +5 de 12 à 24 mois.


En 2023, la Monnaie de Paris obtient le label HappyIndex Trainees. Ce label évalue les expériences des stagiaires et alternants sur plusieurs critères : l’évolution professionnelle, l’environnement de travail, le management, la fierté et l’ambiance de travail.

Pour cette première participation, les stagiaires et alternants ont attribue la note globale de 3,90/5 et plus de 84 % d'entre eux recommandent la Monnaie de Paris pour y réaliser une expérience professionnelle.