The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors ensures the strategy and development of la Monnaie de Paris. It approves the annual budget and the financial statements as well as any of the establishment's major decisions. It is composed of twenty-one members, including seven representatives of the State, seven elected personnel representatives, and seven qualified personalities from the cultural or business world.

Marc Schwartz
Chairman and CEO, Monnaie de Paris
Arnaud Beaufort
Representative of the State, Deputy CEO, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Dominique-Jean Chertier
Chairman, Luskan
Pierre-Olivier Chotard
Representative of the State. Treasury General Directorate, Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Economic Growth
Olivier Crépin
Personnel representative
Laurence Cloyer-Die
Personnel representative
Bruno Decaix
Personnel representative
Michèle Féjoz
Representative of the State
Jean-Baptiste Kervaillant
Representative of the State, State Participations Agency, Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Economic Growth
Alexie Lalanne-Pelerin
Representative of the State Budget Directorate, Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Economic Growth
François Lemasson
Chairman & CEO, Consortium de Réalisation
Erik Linquier
Chairman, COFREX, Commissary general for France at the universal exhibition of Dubai 2020
Gilles Livchitz
Director, Philaposte, Groupe La Poste
Christopher Miles
Representative of the State Director General of artistic creation, Ministry of Culture
Constance de Polignac
Marketing and Transformation Director, Groupe B&B Hotels
Pascal Rencker
Personnel representative
Christophe Robieux
Personnel representative
Julien Sabouret
Personnel representative
Guillaume Toublet
Personnel representative
Magali Viandier
Director Finance, FIMALAC