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Welcome to our "Confidentiality & Personal Data Protection Policy" page. 
It will tell you more about the origin and use of the Information processed when you visit our site, place orders on our online store, create an account on our online space, and visit our brick-and-mortar store. 
This page is intended to answer any questions you have regarding the processing of your personal data by Monnaie de Paris and its sub-contractors. 
Monnaie de Paris is solely and uniquely liable for the processing of personal data that you transmit to us when you visit our website and our brick-and-mortar store as well as when you create your customer account on our website.
Monnaie de Paris puts in place the necessary measures and procedures to comply with the French and European regulations applicable to it.
If you have any further questions that are not addressed in our Confidentiality Policy, you can write to our Personal Data Protection Officer at the following address:
Monnaie de Paris
Délégué à la protection des données personnelles (DPO)
11 quai de Conti
75270 Paris Cedex 06
If you are not satisfied with the way Monnaie de Paris responded to your enquiries, you can complain to the appropriate Data Protection’s Office.

I. Personal data collection

1. What data is collected by Monnaie de Paris?
The personal data collected on you is the data required to manage: 
- your order; 
- our business relations; 
- our payment and anti-fraud policy;
- our competitions and events.
This data is collected for these purposes only. 
2. When is your data collected?
Your personal data may be collected in the following cases:
- when you create a customer account on our website; 
- when you order a product sold by our online store;
- via the installation of cookies when your browse on our website;
- when your sign up for our newsletter;
- when you enter a competition organised by Monnaie de Paris; 
- when you visit our brick-and-mortar store;
- when you visit our exhibitions. 
3. How is your data secured? 
The sites and software used by Monnaie de Paris use a secure server to protect your data. Monnaie de Paris uses strict security procedures to archive and use the information you transmit to us.
Monnaie de Paris takes appropriate measures to maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality and security of your personal data, particularly by contractually requiring its sub-contractors and contra-parties in general to implement any adequate technical and organisation measure, at all times, to secure personal data and guarantee said data the same level of protection as that required by French and European regulations applicable to it. 
4. Is your data transmitted to third parties?
Monnaie de Paris may transmit your personal data to third parties such as its service providers or its business parties for the proper performance of the contract, sending of newsletters or canvassing 
For your orders from our online store, the "Fraud Expert" solution is used in addition to remote processing of payments. Your personal data shall be processed by Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions SPRL with the aim of preventing and combating fraud (determining a level of risk relating to a transaction, detecting and managing any resulting alerts, informing traders to enable them to take decisions, "human" verification of transactions with a certain level of risk, score modelling).
Please also note that all payments by cheque are accepted subject to authorisation by our partner, Chequeasy. Chequeasy verifies payments by cheque to prevent risks relating to fraudulent use of cheque books. The information included on cheques (MICR code strip) is the subject of automatic data processing with the aim of giving an opinion on the cheque in order to guarantee or not the payment made to Monnaie de Paris. This processing is performed by Chèque Service, which checks the Bank of France's National Bad Cheque Database (FNCI) and uses a set of decision-making parameters. 
5. For how long is your data retained?
It is retained for a period equal to that of the contractual relations, except in the case of specific legal provisions to the contrary.
6. Modification of our Personal Data Protection Policy
In order to improve our Confidentiality & Personal Data Protection policy, we reserve the right to modify or update this page at any time without prior notice.
7. Relationship between the Policy and our standard terms of sale 
This Confidentiality Policy forms an integral part of Monnaie de Paris's Standard Terms of Sale.

II. Our cookie installation policy

Please note that, when you visit the website, cookies are installed on your web browner when you visit the Monnaie de Paris website in the following cases:  
- When you accept their installation on the "cookie banner" provided for this purpose;
- When you close the "cookie banner";
- When you decide to continue browsing our website. 
Information collected by Monnaie de Paris on you may be used by Monnaie de Paris to measure visitor numbers and offer you the best possible browsing experience.
For further information, please visit the "legal notices" page.