Two winners for the first edition of the Prix de la Monnaie de Paris 2021

Médaille de Joris Van de Moortel @Monnaie de Paris - Amélie Cognard

Now, more than ever, Monnaie de Paris wishes to promote its know-hows and artistic creation through the first edition of the Prix de la Monnaie de Paris.

After auditioning the six finalists, the jury selected two winners.

MDP_Prix Monnaie_Laurent Massaloux_3 ©Monnaie de Paris - ruesedaine

Design winner – Laurent Massaloux

Laurent Massaloux is a designer graduated from l’ENSCI-LES ATELIERS. He’s the cofounder of RADI DESIGNERS and worked there until 2008. He has developed individual projects and collaborations ever since, which are often produced as prototypes and limited editions. His work can be found in public collections (FNAC, MUDAC, Arts Décoratifs Museum). He also teaches as project manager at l’ENSCI-LES ATELIERS.

Projet L. Massaloux

His project: "Expect the unexpected

Laurent Massaloux was inspired by the philosopher Edgar Morin’s saying, which he divided into two parts. The first part is written in relief on the medal whereas the other part appears surreptitiously thanks to the light. The medal’s surface is handled in two ways: a non-reflective satin-finished part and a shiny and satin-finished part. The medal invites us to welcome the unexpected and the wonder.

Joris Van de Moortel

Plastic art winner – Joris Van de Moortel

Born in 1983, Joris Van de Moortel is a Belgian plastic artist based in Anvers. He graduated from the Higher Institut of Fine Arts and from Künstelerhaus Betanien. He won the 13th edition of the Cairo International Biennale in 2019. He is currently represented by the Galerie Nathalie Obadia.

Projet J. Van de Moortel

His project: the medal and its double

This medal is composed of two pieces. A main medal, painting the scene of la Danse Macabre (as an echo to current events), and a small central piece symbolizing a door out of this world. The two medals are surrounded by two flutes symbolizing a universal mean of communication.

The winners are granted a financial endowment of 6,000 euros each and the opportunity to discuss and create within the Paris workshops. Assisted by Monnaie de Paris’ craftsmen, they created their medal in limited edition, by using striking and foundry techniques. The setting is ideal for new artistic and technical experiences which combines traditional know-hows and creativity. Together, creators and craftsmen broaden their respective practices to reinvent the medal by questioning its status, its use, and its shape.

The 2021 jury