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  • Paris 2024 Mascots

    The Phryges pulls out all the stops with the new collection of gold and silver euros

  • Come and meet Degas, Dali, Warhol and many others!

    The Monnaie de Paris awaits you with a whole programme

  • The winner of the Monnaie de Paris prize

    The jury of the third edition voted

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There are many reasons to come to La Monnaie de Paris: to immerse yourself in a place steeped in history, to discover the treasures of a neo-classical palace and the secrets of a factory, to visit a museum dedicated to the know-how and art of metal, to be dazzled by exhibitions and cultural events, to travel through the gastronomic universe of the three-starred chef Guy Savoy, or to share a passion with a community of numismatic enthusiasts of collectible coins, medals and objects of art