Our strategy

Monnaie de Paris 2024 strategic plan

Monnaie de Paris must continuously adapt to changes in the markets on which it operates and to the expectations of ever more demanding clients in terms of innovation and creation. In order to meet these challenges and pursue its development and its transformation, Monnaie de Paris drew up a new strategic plan at the end of 2019, called Monnaie de Paris 2024, and founded on four major priorities.

1. Placing clients at the centre of our preoccupations

In order to deal with the reduction in State orders and the rapid evolution of the markets, Monnaie de Paris has developed a new supply and distribution strategy for collector's coins and artistic products.

This strategy is based on a complete review of the offering, the creation of a client loyalty promotion policy, and the launch of an ambitious project to accompany the preparation and running of the “Paris 2024” Olympic Games, a major event for collectors and numismatists. It is completed by a development plan for mini-medals to win over new markets beyond cultural and tourist sites


2. Consolidating exports for the whole range of products 

International sales represent 30% of turnover. These are everyday currencies intended for foreign central banks and collector's coins. Their development constitutes a driver for growth.


3. Transforming the 11 Conti

The Parisian site on quai de Conti has benefitted from major renovation works in order to transform it into an open venue, welcome new audiences to it, and organise exceptional events in it. The new admiral ship today promotes Monnaie de Paris brand to a wide audience. The emphasis is on both promotion of an exceptional material and immaterial heritage and the development of an innovative educational policy.


4. Enhancing industrial competitiveness

Changing client demands and manufacturing techniques means guaranteeing the agility and the performance of the production facilities at the Paris and Pessac sites.

Improving industrial performance is founded on three pillars: the reorganisation of the industrial function, the gradual implementation of a harmonised organisation across the two production sites and promotion of the Pessac site.



This strategy also has transverse transformation objectives, all of which are intended to secure Monnaie de Paris' economic model. The ambition of the 2024 strategic plan is to accelerate the pace and potential of innovation of the products and services offered. It also aspires to bring Monnaie de Paris fully into the digital age by modernising the information system but also by transversally integrating the digital transformation into the various transformation workstreams.

Lastly, the CSR challenges constitutes a major preoccupation for Monnaie de Paris, which is keen to reduce its environmental footprint, and to contribute to the life and the development of the territories where it produces.