History of united states independence - washington before boston

George Washington

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George Washington

The siege of Boston (19 April 1775 - 17 March 1776) is one of the major events of the Independance War of the United States. After 11 months of siege, the American settlers, under George Washington, forced the British to retreat by sea. Monnaie de Paris wanted to celebrate this event with a collection of gold and silver coins.

In this collection, the engraving workshop pays tribute to its 18th century counterparts! The difficulty lies in transcribing the volumes of old medals by transposing them onto contemporary coins, a real challenge and a symbol of our age old know how.

Engraver word

Les dessins des monnaies sont directement inspirés de produits historiques édités par la Monnaie de Paris : des médailles anciennes tirées de nos archives. Ce sous-thème fait partie de la thématique Grandes Dates de l’Humanité qui a débuté en 2019 avec la Chute du Mur de Berlin, le Premier Pas sur la Lune et le Dday.

Emblematic coins

On the face, we find the bust of George Washington and the reverse shows us the future president of the United States leading his officers to Boston while the British ships flee the city. The 25€ silver coin and 200€ gold coin are minted in high relief with patina on each side, a innovation at Monnaie de Paris! To achieve this result, two strikes are required.