Harry Potter - mini medals

After a first collection in 2021, collect the 15 new exclusive mini-medals dedicated to the magical creatures of the Harry Potter universe! Forget about magic, only chance will help you to gather the whole collection.

Harry Potter is an incredibly rich and complete universe. The diversity and the ingenuity of the creatures and objects of the saga contribute to plunge us in a magic universe of which one does not leave indifferent. This new collection treats under a different angle the world of the most famous wizard, a series of mini-medals and coins faithful to the soul of the books and films, a magical adventure for all fans of Harry Potter!

Engraver word
Aragog Mini medal Aragog
Basilic Mini medal Basilisk
Buck Mini medal Buckbeak
Carte du Maraudeur Mini medal Marauder's Map
Choixpeau Mini medal Sorting Hat
Détraqueurs Mini medal Dementors
Fumseck Mini medal Fawkes
Gobelin Mini medal Goblin
Hedwige Mini medal Hedwig
Livre des Monstres Mini medal Monster's book
Lutin de Cornouaille Mini medal Pixie
Magicobus Mini medal Knight Bus
Nagini Mini medal Nagini
Saule Cogneur Mini medal Whomping Willow
Sombrals Mini medal Thestral
Mini-médaille bonus La Coupe des 3 sorciers Bonus mini medal - Triwizard cup