French excellence - the 2 kilos gold coin dior

For the first time ever, the Monnaie de Paris is offering a 2 kg pure gold coin in a unique copy. Never before has a coin weighed so much gold.

Having metal meet perfume was an incredible challenge. I wanted to express the fineness of the flowers’ essence that were dear to Christian Dior, but also the touch and the fall of a fabric, tribute to his fashion designer talent. It is with this aim that we have been able to realize this series and particularly the 2 kilos gold coin, a real technical achievement and a very first for Monnaie de Paris

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French Excellence - Dior

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This exceptional coin takes the shape of the Miss Dior bottle and combines the expertise of the Monnaie de Paris. The coin is first minted before the bow and roses, produced by the foundry, are affixed.

Monnaie 2 kilos Dior
Ecrin de la monnaie 2 kilos Dior
Monnaie 2 kilos Dior
Monnaie 1 kilo dior
Monnaie 1 kilo