French excellence - the 1 kilo gold coin dior

The 2021 French Excellence collection includes an exceptional one kilo gold coin in a leather case.

On the face of the coin we find the Miss Dior bottle on a bed of Rose and the rose gold bow is affixed after the minting of the coin to give the illusion of a soft fabric. On the reverse, the star, dear to Christian Dior is a window open on the bottle.

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French Excellence - Dior

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On this exceptional coin, the transparency has been magnificently translated into the metal by the use of engraving, polishing and sandblasting to obtain textures that are truer than life.

Monnaie 1 kilo Dior
Ecrin de la monnaie 1 kilo Dior
Monnaie 2 kilos Dior
Monnaie 1 kilo dior