Women of france - marie curie

In 2016, Monnaie de Paris launched a new series that pays tribute to French History through the women who have had an influence on various areas. This year, a major scientific figure of the XXth century is in the spotlight: Marie Curie.

Scientifique d'exception, elle est la première femme à avoir reçu le prix Nobel, et à ce jour la seule femme à en avoir reçu deux. Elle reste à ce jour la seule personne à avoir été récompensée dans deux domaines scientifiques distincts: la physique et la chimie.

Marie Curie et Pierre Curie - son époux - reçoivent le prix Nobel de physique en 1903 pour leurs recherches sur les radiations. En 1911, elle obtient le prix Nobel de chimie pour ses travaux sur le polonium et le radium.

Emblematic coins

The obverse represents the portrait of Marie Curie surrounded by her double surname and dates of birth and passing away. In the background, the texture is a reproduction of the scientific manuscripts of her works. It includes formulas related to the research that led her to be presented to the Nobel Prize. The reverse represents in the center, the couple formed by Marie Curie and her husband Pierre. They are surrounded by the evocation of the Nobel Prizes she has received; one with her husband in 1903, the second, on her own, in 1911.