The Prix de la Monnaie de Paris 2022

The second edition

For its second edition, the Prix de la Monnaie de Paris invites plastic artists, artists and designers to (re)invent the medal in their image. Among the five finalists selected, Pierre Charrié was chosen, by the jury, as the winner of the Prix de la Monnaie de Paris 2022.


Pierre Charrié © Damien Arlettaz

The 2022 winner: Pierre Charrié

Pierre Charrié is a designer graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers and ESBAN, winner of the Paris Grand Prix de la Création and of the Bourse Agora for design research. His work around the sensory dimension of objects is part of the CNAP collection and can be found in publishers (Ligne Roset, Habitat, Moustache), galleries (Mica, Great Design) or in the public space. 

His project: « The Upside-Down World »

Pierre Charrié's project is inspired by the tradition of satirical medals and engravings of the 16th century in which the terms of the world are reversed. It is a mobile table mirror whose reversed reflection uses the reflective properties of polished metal on a concave surface. The reversal of the image, as well as its flickering, disturbs our perception of reality and resonates with our shaken present. On the turn of the medal, a reference to the thought of Hegel questions us: "Is the true a moment of the false?



The winner receives a financial endowment of 6,000 euros and a time of exchange, creation and production in the Parisian workshops of Monnaie de Paris. Accompanied by the craftsmen, Pierre Charrié will create a medal in a limited series, using the techniques of striking or casting.

The setting will be ideal for new artistic and technical experiments, which will federate traditional know-how and creativity, in order to reinvent the medal by questioning its status, its use and its form.


Le lauréat bénéficie d'une dotation financière de 6 000 euros et d'un temps d'échanges, de création et de production au sein des ateliers parisiens de la Monnaie de Paris. Accompagné par les artisans, Pierre Charrié réalisera une médaille en série limitée, en utilisant les techniques de la frappe ou de la fonte. Le cadre sera propice à de nouvelles expériences artistiques et techniques, qui fédèreront savoir-faire traditionnels et créativité, afin de réinventer la médaille en questionnant son statut, son usage et sa forme.

The jury

« This second edition of the Prix de la Monnaie de Paris reveals, once again, surprising and captivating projects. The diversity of the proposals we received confirms that the medal remains an inspiring territory of artistic expression for contemporary artists and designers ». 

- Joaquin Jimenez, Chairman of the jury.


Chaired by Joaquin Jimenez, General Engraver and Artistic Creation Director of Monnaie de Paris, the jury is composed of:

  • Érik Desmazières, engraver, member of the Académie des beaux-arts
  • Anne-Sophie Duroyon-Chavanne, executive Director of l'Institut National des métiers d'art
  • Adrien Goetz, art historian, novelist, member of the Académie des beaux-arts
  • Romane Sarfati, executive Director of la Cité de la céramique - Sèvres & Limoges
  • Guy Savoy, head chef and patron of the 2021 edition
  • Inga Sempé, Olivier Sévère designer, artist

Le jury 2022

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