10 years of marriage for all

Monnaie de Paris commemorates the anniversary of this law with a 10 euro silver commemorative coin and a mini-medal. All profits from the sales of the products in this collection will be donated to SOS Homophobie in order to support them in their efforts to raise awareness and inclusion.

The anniversary of the marriage law for all is the perfect occasion to give voice to the LGBT+ community. Starting from a major advance in freedom, this collection allows us to celebrate the diversity and plurality of the human race in full color.

Engraver word

Emblematic coins

Monnaie de Paris wished to use the colors of the LGBT movement, which draws its inspiration from the hues of the rainbow, reflecting by diffraction all the colors of the human race. The colors corresponding to the "flag of progress" are also present: it is composed of black and brown, representing marginalized people of color and white, pink and light blue colors that reflect those of the flag of Transgender Pride. The mini-medal is also available with a keychain featuring the mini-medal design.