Museum masterpieces, the persistence of memory

In 2021, after Johannes Vermeer's painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring", Salvador Dali is honoured with his emblematic work "The Persistence of Memory".

The emblematic work of Salvador Dalí, «The Persistence of Memory» is represented on the face of these coins. Realized just 90 years ago, this work is accompanied by the "masterpieces of museums" stamp. We find also the facade of thePompidou Center where Salvador Dalí was regularly exhibited. A unique 100g 50€ silver coin is also available.

Emblematic coins

As in 2020, Monnaie de Paris offers an exceptional half a kilo silver coin. This coin is coloured and the outline is in sanded silver to give the illusion of the true frame of the work. The name of the painting and the artist are inscribed at the bottom of the frame.