Museum Masterpieces, Marie-Antoinette à la rose

In 2023, the Museum Masterpieces series illustrates 3 major works highlighting women in art, including one of Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun's most famous works: Marie-Antoinette with a Rose

Linking three works from different eras, by different artists is a challenge for the printmaking workshop with the desire to celebrate women as artists and muses.

Engraver word

Emblematic coins

The face of these coins depicts one of Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun's best-known works: Marie-Antoinette with a rose, painted in 1783. The Petit Trianon, where the work is exhibited, is an integral part of the design as it represents one of the sections of the frame on the face of the coins. The coins focus on Marie-Antoinette. The particularity of the 10€ Silver is that it is coloured. The name of the work, the artist and the year 2023 complete the design.