In pursuit of the forger

Come and help us investigate!

Practical information

Adults and children from 6 years old

Sunday from 3 to 4.30 pm 

Admission fees

14€ per person, adult or child

Visite enquête à la poursuite du faux monnayeur © Monnaie de Paris

A forger has infiltrated the Monnaie de Paris to steal our money-minting secrets and create counterfeit money! He must be stopped before it’s too late! Luckily, he’s left lots of clues behind him … 

In a team or as a family, come and lead the investigation on a tour that will take you from the cour d’honneur to the safe at the heart of the museum. The suspect has come to the museum to study metals and alloys, striking techniques and the symbols that feature on the coins in order to perfect his counterfeit money. Spotted by security agents, he has fled, leaving behind him a black book filled with notes intended for an accomplice. But the notes are encrypted! Equipped with this notebook and various accessories to help you solve the puzzles it contains, you will need to tour the museum in the footsteps of the counterfeiter and try to guess where he has arranged to meet his accomplice in order to thwart their dishonest plans as quickly as possible.  

So, off you go, rookie, and keep your eyes peeled!