Erasmus - Commemorative 2€

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of its launch, Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to the Erasmus programme with a 2€ commemorative coin. After winning the European Commission's competition, the design by our General Engraver Joaquin Jimenez will be minted and circulate in most of the euro area Member States from July 2022.

How can we not associate the programme with its historical intellectual inspiration! For this reason, I have chosen to evoke the links that have united students from all countries for 35 years, while subjecting them to the benevolent gaze of their godfather, dear Erasmus...

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Emblematic coins

The design of this coin shows the profile of Erasmus, the humanist canon, philosopher and theologian who inspired the creation of the Erasmus programme. He is surrounded by clusters of stars from the European flag that appear on the crown, projecting the number 35 in the centre of the coin, in reference to the 35 years of the Erasmus programme. These links represent the many intellectual and human exchanges between European students.