At your command!

Award each other with medals

Practical information

From 12 years old

Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm

Admission fees

Single price 14€/person Entrance to the museum included

Activité_Fabrique ta décoration © Monnaie de Paris

This activity will immerse you in the mysterious creation of the major French official orders, from the Legion of Honour to the Ordre national du Mérite, via the Ordre des Palmes académiques and the Mérite agricole.

The activity begins with a short tour of the museum that will introduce you to the great diversity of official decorations and to the creative professions that work to produce them. One of the key occupations is that of the enamellist, a true magician who carefully adds the emblematic colours of each of the decorations using a technique known as grand feu enamelling. The powdery material is vitrified by placing the object in a furnace heated to a temperature of at least 800°C. This tour gives you the chance not only to touch and see the decorations, but also to understand their histories and their functions.

Inspired by what you have seen, you will return to the workshop to create your own order, using the same grand feu enamelling technique. Choose your colours, enamel your decoration and choose your ribbon and there you have it: you are now the happy creator of a unique decoration!

Now simply prepare the accompanying diploma and you can decorate the person of your choice!