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All public

Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Reservation by internet or on site at the ticket office within the limits of available places (at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the visit)


Full price: 14€

Reduced price 1: 10€

Reduced price 2: 6€

Visites musée © Monnaie de Paris  Younh-Ah KIM

Following in the footsteps of a guide, come and discover the various facets of the Monnaie de Paris: temple of coinage, factory, royal palace and museum.

Enjoy a multi-sensory experience, surrounded by heritage collections spanning the centuries.  You will come across sestertiums, Louis d’or, francs and Euros as well as money cowries, loincloths and Chinese cast cash coins.
Your guide will introduce you to the skills of our artists and artisans, who produce many works of art in steel. From its extraction to its transformation, the metal is magically brought to life in their hands, as they create coins and medals, bronzes and decorations.

Here, you can touch, feel and listen to gain an understanding of the fabulous world of ‘bread’, ‘bucks’, ‘loot’!

Whether you are an engineer, a novice coin collector or a coin expert, an artist, an economist or a rookie, you will leave as ‘rich as Croesus’ after filling up your knowledge bank on a tour packed with history, science, economics and art.