The Sower - King Midas

After two years spent commemorating the anniversary of the introduction of the Euro in France, The Sower renews itself with a trilogy based on the myths and legends that have shaped the history of gold. This first cut adapts a piece of Greek mythology, depicting Midas, King of Phrygia.

The Sower is one of my favorite series. In addition to paying tribute to French numismatics and the illustrious Oscar Roty, this new trilogy highlights the cultural and metaphorical richness of mythology. The selective gold plating enhances the engravings and underlines the link with power and the curse offered to King Midas.

Engraver word

Emblematic coins

This collector's coin depicts Midas, King of Phrygia. Honored with the gift of turning everything he touches into pure gold thanks to the god Dionysus. The 10-euro silver coin features selective fine-gold gilding echoing the myth. The reverse features a modernized adaptation of the sower by engraver Louis-Oscar Roty, revealing a heraldic version of the French flag on the drape of her dress. The word "RF" is also encircled by an interlace of hexagons reminiscent of France.