Women of france - simone veil

After Sœur Emmanuelle in 2020, it is Simone Veil who is honored in the series "Women of France" in 2021. Recognized for her fight for women's rights, she is also one of the figures of the European construction. Although this coin closes the end of the series, the representation of women continues with the "Femme du Monde" series, which will follow this collection.

Emblematic coins

We find the portrait of Simone Veil on the face of these coins surrounded by her name and dates. The background of the coin represents the embroidery of olive branches present on the dress of academician, worn during official ceremonies. The reverse side presents several emblematic elements of his life as the ceiling of the Pantheon which is engraved in the background, his sword of academician or the caduceus, at the top of the coin, and the scale represents his career as a magistrate.