History of United States independence - Libertas Americana

In 2023, the US Independence series features the "Libertas Americana" medal which is one of the most famous medals related to American independence. Engraved by Augustin Dupré, it symbolizes the birth of friendship between France and the United States and was struck at the request of Benjamin Franklin.

In this collection, today's engraving workshop pays direct homage to its 18th century counterparts! The challenge is to transpose the volumes of ancient medals onto contemporary coins, a real challenge and a symbol of our secular know-how.

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Emblematic coins

On the front, one can perceive France, symbolized by Minerva helmeted and armed with a spear, protecting the British leopard, thanks to its shield decorated with three lilies, the young America under the features of Hercules as a child, sitting in his swaddling clothes on a shield (representing the military origin of the new nation), choking two snakes, which refer to the victories over the armies of generals Burgoyne at Saratoga and Cornwallis at Yorktown. The reverse side shows the left profile bust of a slender young woman, an American representation of Liberty. Her untied hair fluttering in the wind, a staff topped by the liberty bonnet rests on her right shoulder.