Asterix at the Olympic Games

The Gauls are back at the Monnaie de Paris with a brand new collection taken from the comic strip Asterix at the Olympic Games.
Asterix at the Olympic Games. Dive into Asterix and Obelix's sporting exploits with these silver and gold coins, combining celebration and fierce competition.

Translating comic strip characters is an interesting but perilous exercise. The transition from the impression of volume to the volume itself must faithfully reproduce the clear line characteristic of Uderzo and Conrad. These coins are a faithful representation of the artist's own graphic line, a three-dimensional homage paid by the Monnaie de Paris craftsmen to the world of Asterix.

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Emblematic coins

This series follows on from the previous collection of colorized coins launched in 2022, once again combining color with an innovative monetary offering to highlight the sporting exploits of Asterix and Obelix. These shaped coins feature Asterix proudly standing on the highest step of the podium, holding a laurel branch in his hand as a reward for his sporting prowess.