Louis Pasteur - 200th anniversary of his birth

On the occasion of the bicentenary of Louis Pasteur's birth, Monnaie de Paris is taking part in this commemoration with a 10€ commemorative coin and by donating 1€ to the Institut Pasteur to support research.

Pièce emblématique

Louis Pasteur was a French scientist of the 19th century, a physicist and chemist by training, who became famous throughout the world for having applied the concept of vaccination to humans against rabies. However, his life was rich in other discoveries, such as pasteurization, which contributed to make him one of the greatest scientists in history. The face represents the portrait of Louis Pasteur in profile. To his left is a microscope and a slide with microorganisms, in reference to pasteurization, surrounded by a quote from Louis Pasteur: "To heal sometimes, to relieve often, to listen always".