Museums Masterpieces, The Water Lily Pond: Green Harmony

In 2022, the "Museums Masterpieces" series illustrates an emblematic work of the Impressionist movement: The Water Lily Pond, Green Harmony by Claude Monet.

The Museums' Masterpieces series, or when art meets art. Every year it is a great pleasure to pay tribute to such extraordinary artworks, but it is also a challenge for engraving! All the more so when it comes to representing the impressionist movement, whose lines are blurred and light effects predominate, unlike engraving, which is theoretically a more academic art! But the challenge is taken up, and Claude Monet, the undisputed master of Impressionism, would certainly not have disowned this coin...

Engraver word

Emblematic coins

The front shows one of Claude Monet's most famous works: The Water Lily Pond, Green Harmony, painted in 1899 depicting a bridge over a water lily pond. The stamp "museums masterpieces" is present in the upper right-hand corner and blends with the work. The Musée d'Orsay, in which the work is exhibited, is an integral part of the drawing as it represents one of the parts of the frame. The exceptional 250€ coloured silver coin, represents the work in its original format and frame as if it were hanging in the Museum. A label indicates the names of the work and the author as well as the year 2022. The reverse side is common to the series.