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Vue de l'Atelier des médailles - © Monnaie de Paris | Jean-Marc Martin
Logos écoles Boulle, Estienne, des Beaux Arts de Paris, Penninghen
Graveurs - © Monnaie de Paris | Jean-Marc Martin

Boldness and experience

In 2013, we developed an audit of our know-how with the purpose of studying opportunities for diversification. Setting up cycles of development programs in-house or in professional schools was a turning point.. Each workshop organised tutoring to insure the training of the craftsmen (in office and new ones).

Logos Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant et Joaillerie de France
Réserve des outillages de frappe - © Monnaie de Paris | Jean-Marc Martin

Our skills: a living heritage

Our productions are preserved in the historical & artistic collections of Monnaie de Paris,  thus answering three fundamental aims:

  • to keep a record of the company, the techniques used and the work produced;
  • to be a source of inspiration for new creations;
  • to be a tool for the influence of the brand.
Monnaie de Paris houses about thirty crafts today. It is our responsability to identify those that must be protected and make sure the relay is passed. Anne-Sophie, Brand Heritage Manager
Estampage d'une médaille - © Monnaie de Paris | Jean-Marc Martin