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Frappe des monnaies de collection en or - © Monnaie de Paris | Jean-Marc Martin
Frappe des monnaies en or Astérix et les Valeurs de la République - © Monnaie de Paris | Jean-Marc Martin

Intensifying the beauty of gold and silver

The artisans work solely with gold and silver, transforming blanks into small series of struck coins, pieces of jewellery and decorations.
They also strike proof coins; the nuanced relief of the dies, moving from matt to mirror-polished, gives the final piece a deeply precious appearance.

Monnayeurs à la frappe des monnaies - © Monnaie de Paris | Jean-Marc Martin

The highest quality demands excellence!

Having precisely calibrated their machine, the minter checks the quality of the strike between each pass. They must detect the slightest flaw with the naked eye, understanding how the metal rises in relation to the desired relief. The air in the press is filtered and pressurised to eliminate anything which could give the coins a grainy surface. The struck motif must be perfect! The minter's craft requires a lengthy training period of about a year, during which seasoned artisans pass on their skills and knowledge.

Frappe d'une monnaie argent bombée - © Monnaie de Paris | Jean-Marc Martin

Trial strikes and complex pieces

The minter's byword is innovation. Perfecting the technique to be used and carrying out the trial strikes that test the dies, their expertise enables them to make any improvements necessary to achieve a perfect result. They produce all Monnaie de Paris's complex and innovative pieces (convex, concave, incorporating inserts of gold, coloured or ceramic-type material, with specific shapes, etc).