The Great War  The Cornflower
The Great War  The Cornflower
The Great War  The Cornflower
Armistice day

The Great War
The Cornflower Diameter of 25 mm

  • Flower of memory and solidarity
  • Pin's with 25 mm diameter 

The Cornflower represents symbolically the flower of delicateness and shyness. Because it kept growing in the grounds turned ober by bull-noses, it was often the only colored touch for the trench soldiers from the First World War. This flower has become, since 1916 a true emblem of French memory and solidarity towards former combatants, war victims, windows and orphans. Monnaie de Paris had to work on that symbol and propose a commemorative badge produced within the tradition of it's know-how.

The Cornflower of Monnaie de Paris is made in 925‰ silver and is brighten up with light blue and royal blue resin coatings, traditional and original colors of the flower. 

At the back of the badge, Monnaie de Parsi' logo ensures  it's authenticity and it's origin. 

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  • Metal
    ARGENT 950/1000
  • Weight

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