Medal Novecento Maurizio Cattelan

Medal Novecento
Maurizio Cattelan

This great racehorse was in fact the first taxidermized and suspended animal realized by Maurizio Cattelan. His falling head and legs refer to the image of an animal resigned to its own fate, succumbing to the effects of gravity.
The increasing interest of Cattelan for taxidermy from the 1990s reflects his curiosity for humans projecting their ideals and fears on the image of animals. This is why the title of the artwork refers to cinematographic work of Bernardo Bertolucci; the movie released in 1976 traces the rise of Italian fascism and conservative Milanese art movement in the 1920s.
Created at the turn of the millennium, the suspended horse of Cattelan is a retrospective of the past century marked by shattered dreams and violent scenes. It is also a morbid advertiser of the next century.

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