Grayson Perry Comfort Blanket Mini-medal
Grayson Perry Comfort Blanket Mini-medal

Grayson Perry
Comfort Blanket Mini-medal Yellow metal 34 mm

  • Grayson Perry exhibition,  a real first in France
  • Meeting between two universes : the extravagance of Grayson Perry with the know-how of Monnaie de Paris

First exhibition in France dedicated to the famous britain artist Grayson Perry, "Vanité, Identité, Sexualité" takes place between the 19/10/2018 and the 03/02/2019 in  Monnaie de Paris. His art works in ceramic, metal, the tapestries and the engravings are all about ironic and clashing reflections concerning universal questions regarding the identity, the gender, the social class, the religion and the sexuality.

Grayson Perry plays with his own identity which becomes part of his art work and goes further the ends of world art. Autobiographical references to the artist childhood, his family and his alter ego Claire, are linked with questions regarding the truth and the make-believe, the social class, the trends and the status of the artist against the one of the craftmen. 

The Comfort Blanket mini-medal shows one of the most famous masterpieces of Grayson Perry, the tapestry of 8 meter-wide. The Comfort Blanket art work shows the friendly face of the Great Britain before the Brexit thanks to the flamboyant ecstasy of colours. 

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