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Ducktales Mini-medal The number one dime
Ducktales Mini-medal The number one dime

Mini-medal The number one dime Mini-medal 34 mm

  • Metal : metal common yellow
  • Diameter : 34 mm
The mini medal is a reproduction of the famous Scrooge’s Number One Dime.For the anecdote, this coin of 10 American cents, is the first coin won by the character in his youth, when he started working as a shoeshine boy, after he had cleaned the shoes of Burtthe ditch digger. This coin will encourage Scrooge to work hard to get what he wants. It will always remain for him the symbol of success, deserved by hard work.

Obverse : represents the Scrooge’s portrait. On the portrait’s top is written the french name"Balthazar Picsou“ andon the bottom is written “Sou fetiche"the French nomination for the Number One Dime. All is surronded by a pearl effect.

Reverse : is engraved "1 sou “the French name for the Number One Dime. A laurel wreath, a numismatic symbol from Antiquity, is enclosed by a semicircle. All is surrounded by a pearl effect. At the bottom of the center, the Disney copyright which attests the collaboration between Monnaie de Paris and the famous animation house. 
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