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Van Gogh  1/2 kg silver coin
Van Gogh  1/2 kg silver coin

Van Gogh
1/2 kg silver coin Proof quality yeardate 2020

Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to the major masterpieces of French museums or having been painted in France.

During his career, the impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh realised a quarantine of self-portraits. The artist’s portrait that we are presenting here is a 1889 creation.

It shows the painter’s left profile. Therefore, the mutilated ear is not visible. To create his art works, Van Gogh observed his mirror image. The painting is an oil on canvas. In this head-and-shoulders view, the artist is wearing a jacket. Our attention is called by the face of Van Gogh. His facial features are hard and his rimmed eyes seem anxious. The dominant colour, the turquoise blue and the absinth green contrast with the fiery orange of his hair and beard. The undulating hair and beard of the artist echo with the hallucinatory arabesques of the background.

The obverse of the coin shows a major part of the art work. The below border of the painting features a view of the facade of Orsay Museum seem from the Seine, where the art work is kept. 

The reverse is common to the series, it shows a mix of some French museums views. 
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