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The Germinal Franc  1/4 Oz Fairmined gold coin
The Germinal Franc  1/4 Oz Fairmined gold coin

The Germinal Franc
1/4 Oz Fairmined gold coin Proof quality yeardate 2019

  • Celebrates a coin that have marked French History : the Germinal Franc
  • Fairmined labelled Gold, extracted responsibly and in a controlled manner

Fairmined is a label which guarantees a fair and responsible gold extraction It attests that this gold is produced by autonomous small scale craft mines The metal’s price is guaranteed at a fair price plus a premium for the local development It is also protects the environment and the working conditions of the miners Fairmined supplies gold to companies selling specific labelled products.

The Sower series presents the most historically significant coins of France’s history. In 2019, the Germinal Franc is honoured. Created under Napoleon Bonaparte, the Germinal Franc was set up to revive the economic activity by fixing a certain weight of metal. 

The reverse evokes both the Consulate and first Empire period with Napoleon Ist and the Great Army. The obverse and reverse of the Germinal franc are then represented with highlighting the significant facts at this time : the Legion of Honour, the bee and the laurel crown.

The obverse depicts Roty’s Sower in a more contemporary setting. 
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