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Starter Kit 20th Anniversary Edition
Starter Kit 20th Anniversary Edition

Starter Kit
20th Anniversary Edition 2021 Vintage

In 2021, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Starter Kit and the introduction of the first euros in circulation, the Paris Mint decided to pay tribute to the first euros in circulation by reissuing the original Starter Kit to the 2021 vintage.

These kits were distributed in most of the member countries of the euro zone to prepare for the launch of this new common currency. It was a way to familiarize French and European citizens with these new coins but also to provide them with some liquidity before the official launch of the euro on January 1, 2002.

This reissue takes up the features of the original starter kit. It contains 40 coins striked with 2021 vintage in Fleur De Coin quality for a face value of 15.25€.

The reverse side of the starter kit features the € logo and a specific mention of the 20th anniversary.
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Ref : 10041356200000

25,00 € 
Price (incl. taxes)
Shipped from February 1st, 2021*

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