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Great War Christmas Truce 1915-2015
Great War Christmas Truce 1915-2015
Armistice day

Great War
Christmas Truce 1915-2015 Prestigious box

  • Series launched for the Great War Centenary
  • Highlighting of the experience of men and women during the conflict
  • This year, the link between military and civilian world is illustrated by the mobilization and the soldiers going to the front.
This Prestige box contains a military medal, the 10€ silver coin 2015 and the Cornflower. A new edition will be offered every year. 500 copies are released.
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Ref : 1004PACK001915


  • Denomination
  • Metal
    SILVER 900/1000
  • Year date
  • Weight
  • Quality
  • Mintage
  • Face value

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The Great War

Started in June 1914, the First World War immersed Europe in a difficult context for more than four years.                                                                                                       The series started for the centenary of the Great Wa, it highlights men and women lyfestyle, stakeholder in this confrontation. 

The souvenir of a Nation's History

The series First World War relates the story of each French family stuck in a sensitive social and economical context. Each and everyone of those family carry, in their background memories of this war. This series represents a straight continuation with a range of product that comes from different area of expertise within Monnaie de Paris. Commemorating key events of each centenary year.                                           Remembering difficult events that are piece of France Nation's history forms part of Monnaie de Paris duty to remember.

The collection "The Great War"