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French Excellence - Dior 10000€ Gold Coin
French Excellence - Dior 10000€ Gold Coin

French Excellence - Dior
10000€ Gold Coin Proof quality yeardate 2021

In 2021, Monnaie de Paris is joining forces with Dior house to offer an exclusive collection combining their excellent know-how.

A prestigious alliance that pays tribute to the know-how of the oldest French institution as well as to the floral trail and the beauty of the bottle of the first-born fragrance created by Christian Dior.

The very first 2kg gold coin. Never before had Monnaie de Paris created a coin with such a weight of gold. To create it, Joaquin Jimenez, the General Engraver at Monnaie de Paris, immersed himself in the history of Dior and of its countless achievements, including the Miss Dior perfume.

A single original, this exceptional coin bringing minting and casting together for the first time, takes the bottle’s historical shape and transposes it into a universe that allows transparency.

To convey all that history, the idea was to play graphically with the star, Christian Dior’s luck charm, transmuted on the bottle into an open window, thereby becoming an allegory of the designer’s gaze.

On its obverse, it unveils a drawing of the bottle.

At its bottom, an armful of pink gold roses alludes to the components of the juice, but also to its colour. The delicate flowers - each of which with a singular shape - as well as the bow adorning the neck, were created inside Monnaie de Paris’s casting workshops. They were first waxed, then cast into metal before being brought to the surface of the yellow gold coin.

On the reverse, the back of the bottle with parts of the bow, in relief, on either side of its neck, can be seen.

Present on both sides of the coin, the houndstooth pattern, a finely chiseled element in the metal, was handled like a background.

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    OR FIN 999/1000
    OR ROSE 900/1000
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The collection "French Excellence"