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D-Day 1 Oz gold coin fairmined
D-Day 1 Oz gold coin fairmined
D-Day 1 Oz gold coin fairmined

1 Oz gold coin fairmined Proof quality yeardate 2019

  • Celebration of an international event
  • 75th anniversary of the Normandy Landings
  • Coins in ethic gold

The DDay coins celebrate the incredible military operation that took place on June 6th, 1944. The troops of 11 Allied countries combined their forces to establish a formidable bridgehead on French soil. This coin is a real tribute to the various forces involved (naval, air, land) and to all the countries that have officially participated in this great “adventure”.

Fairmined is a label which guarantees a fair and responsible gold extraction. It attests that this gold is produced by autonomous small scale craft mines. The metal’s price is guaranteed at a fair price plus a premium for the local development. It is also  protects the environment and the working conditions of the miners. Fairmined supplies gold to companies selling specific labelled products.

The face represents the different types of military operations that took place on June 6th, 1944 surrounding the mention DDAY (written bearing the American, British, Free French and Canadian flag) 75th. In the foreground, a Spitfire is flying over the whole obverse symbolically bearing the Polish and Norwegian cockades, he is accompanied by Dakotas. The coin is dotted with paratroopers and other small planes symbolizing airborne operations. In the center, naval forces are represented by HNoMS Svenner, Norwegian Destroyer. 

The reverse puts forward all the allied countries that officially participated in the Normandy landings surrounding the face value and the RF mention. Clockwise: Free France, Netherlands, New-Zealand, Poland, Australia, United-States, Norway, United-Kingdom, Czechoslovakia, Canada, Belgium.

The 1 Oz D-Day is the first 1 Oz Fairmined gold coin issued by Monnaie de Paris.
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    OR FIN 999‰
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The collection "70th Anniversary of the Dday"