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Coin of History Series n°1 - 10€ Silver coins - Louis XIV, Dagobert, One Hundred Years War
Coin of History Series n°1 - 10€ Silver coins - Louis XIV, Dagobert, One Hundred Years War

Coin of History
Series n°1 - 10€ Silver coins - Louis XIV, Dagobert, One Hundred Years War Circulating quality yeardate 2019

  • France's History revisited through its former national currencies
  • First wave of the complete series of 18 10€ Silver coins

Monnaie de Paris strikes coins for France since year 864. The treasures, that belongs to its heritage, are the series’ essence. It recounts France’s History on some twenty coins, going from the Roman period until today.

The series will be launched in two stages : the first wave in March 2019 and the second one in September 2019. It is composed of 18 10€ Silver coins depicting former french currencies.
Two uncolorised 50€ Silver coins, two colorised 50€ Silver coins and the 200€ Gold coin complete the series and present strong French symbols.

The pack of cards is composed by three 10€ silver coin : Dagobert, One Hundred Years War and Louis XIV. 
The Dagobert coin shows a Merovingian Triens in gold, being worth one third. During Dagobert time, the gold coins were the solidus (or penny), the semi (or half-penny) and the triens. A penny was worth 40 silver deniers.
The One Hundred Years War coin retakes the "franc à cheval" which represents the king Jean II (le Bon)charging on horseback. This gold coin should allow both to pay the king's ransom and rebuild his authority. 
The Louis XIV coin highlights a quarter Ecu, silver coinn representing louis XIV. From 1640 to the Revolution, the french coin is composed by the "Louis d'or" and the silver Ecus. 

The reverse is common for all the series. It shows the face value surrounded by two branches, one of them in oak, in a contemporary way. The other one, in bay, evokes the euro symbol. All the reverse design is framed by an assembly of lines representing the Hexagon. 

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    ARGENT 333/1000
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The collection "Piece d'Histoire"