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Asterix New comic 10€ silver coin
Asterix New comic 10€ silver coin
Asterix New comic 10€ silver coin

New comic 10€ silver coin Proof quality yeardate 2019

  • A full series for the Asterix fans
  • Celebration of the Gallic the most courageous' 60th anniversary
  • Coin dedicated to the launch of the new comic : "La Fille de Vercingétorix" 
  • The drawing will be released the 24th of October !

The new Asterix comic launched the 24th september is named « La Fille de Vercingétorix ».

The new comic’s title is written on top of the obverse. It retakes the famous typography of the Asterix comics. 

The reverse is the same for all the youth collection. It shows Asterix getting out because of an explosion taken from a comic. The famous character seems have taken magic potion and looks like determined, ready to fight against Romans. On the top of the coin, we can find the “60e anniversaire” mention. The yeardate and the face value are on the right. The Asterix copyright is viewable at the bottom of the coin.

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Ref : 10041329530000

63,00 € 
Price (incl. taxes)


  • Metal
    ARGENT 900/1000
  • Year date
  • Weight
  • Quality
  • Mintage
  • Face value
  • Diameter

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