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Asterix 1/4 oz Gold coin
Asterix 1/4 oz Gold coin

1/4 oz Gold coin Proof quality yeardate 2019

  • A full series for the Asterix fans
  • Celebration of the Gallic the most courageous' 60th anniversary 

The first Asterix comic was created on October 29, 1959 by writer René Goscinny and cartoonist Albert Uderzo. Over the albums, the series presents the adventures of the inhabitants of the famous little village of Armorique made up of irreducible Gauls. After 36 world-famous adventures, the main hero, the favorite French Gaul, is already celebrating his 60th birthday!

Each coin of this series highlights one of the most famous characters of Asterix : Asterix himself, Obelix or Idefix. The 50€ ¼ oz gold coin is focused on Obelix. The obverse represents the character from the creation of the comic to nowadays. The background of the coin is full of bubbles, which refers to the comic universe. 

The reverse is the same for the collection. It shows Asterix getting out because of an explosion taken from a comic. The famous character seems have taken magic potion and looks like determined, ready to fight against Romans. 

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660,00 € 
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    OR FIN 999/1000
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