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2019 Boy Birth Coin Set
2019 Boy Birth Coin Set

2019 Boy Birth Coin Set
Billiant Uuncirculated quality yeardate 2019

  • 2019 coins in brilliant uncirculated quality
  • Perfect as a birth gift

The Birth Coin Set is composed by 8 denominations. These ones are struck in brilliant uncirculated quality relevant to an uniform brightness of the coin. According to the international making standards, this quality is earmarked for coins which have never been in circulation and keep their sparkle, as new coins. This set will be produced on limited edition of just 500 copies. 

The 2019 boy birth coin set is shown on a pastel grey background. On the right, the Little Prince travels in his red plane. He is turned to the 8 coins composing the coin set. The quote, « Pour les uns, qui voyagent, les étoiles sont des guides », taken from the Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s book, refers to the design of the coin set. 

The reverse of the coin set looks like the one in 2018. The line on the top, which is pastel grey, echoes the background on the obverse. The reverse of the coins are visible and also a representation of the Little Prince on his planete and both Monnaie de Paris and The Little Prince logos. 

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Ref : 10041329940000


  • Year date
  • Quality
    Brilliant Uncirculated
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