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100 Years french Highway code Coinset
100 Years french Highway code Coinset

100 Years french Highway code
Coinset Yeardate 2021

Each coin set is composed by 8 denominations.

These ones are struck in brilliant uncirculated quality relevant to an uniform brightness of the coin. According to the international making standards, this quality is earmarked for coins which have never been in circulation and keep their sparkle, as new coins. This set will be produced on limited edition of just 500 copies.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the French Highway Code, Monnaie de Paris presents a coinset to celebrate this anniversary.

It features road signs, cars and roads that echo the French Highway Code.

A sign in the shape of a speed limit "100 years" is present to remind us of the anniversary.

"Before 1921, there were a number of texts. The first French Highway Code was intended to bring these texts together and complete them" Marie Gautier-Melleray, interministerial delegate for road safety.

In 1909, a commission was set up to consider a national and official French Highway Code. But the war interrupted the discussions. The decree on "the regulation of the use of roads open to public traffic" was finally promulgated on the 27 May 1921; it was very quickly renamed the French Highway Code on the 16 June 1921.

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