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Auguste Rodin

Monnaie de Paris has been engraving coins since those years, minting coins first for France and now for Europe. 2017 marks the hundredth anniversary of Auguste Rodin’s passing away and Monnaie de Paris is celebrating the work of the famous sculptor, whose creative powers both fascinated and scandalised the world, while creating a source of infinite inspiration for today’s artists. Monnaie de Paris has decided to honour the memory of this visionary genius with a series of French Republic coins, including a €2 circulating coin and face value silver coins.

7 Arts - Auguste Rodin

The series « AN ART, AN ARTISTE and A PLACE » started in 2013 with the Dance, Noureev and the Opéra Garnier. Every year, Christian Lacroix, artistic adviser of Monnaie de Paris since 2010, works on a design proposed on two denominations and celebrating one of the 7 Arts. In 2017, Christian Lacroix will highlight the major French sculptor.

7 Arts

In 2013, Monnaie de Paris launched a thematic coins collection regarding the 7 Arts, "an art, an artist, a place". Each year, this serie highlights one of the 7 Arts. The artistic advisor of Monnaie de Paris since 2010, Christian Lacroix offers a design celebrating the 7 Arts and declined in two coins. After the dance, the architecture, the cinema and the sculpture, the poetry with Guillaume Apollinaire will represent this serie in 2018.