What kinds of custom-made products does Monnaie de Paris offer?

The core trades of Monnaie de Paris are focused on metal working using the technique of cold stamping, but also artistic casting.
Historically, the activities cover manufacturing of the following products:
• medals,
• coins/money
• tokens & mini-medals
But Monnaie de Paris also manufactures numerous other products (whether or not they are circular in shape), using the same methods. These products include:
• Paperweights in various forms
• decorations (official or novelty)
• ceremonial mini-medals
• key chains
• tumblers
• trophies
• tombstones
• bronzes and artistic castings
• pins
• jewellery (struck or cast)

Who is in charge of creating the visual(s) for my custom-made product?

We assist you in a number of ways in creating the graphics for your product:
• If you do not know exactly what you want to have depicted on your product: our sales team is available to discuss it with you and advise you on what to depict on the product. Our engraving workshop can also help you narrow down the concept for your project and bring it to life, from the freehand drawing to presenting you with very finished 3D models.
• If you already have a very clear idea: our engraving workshop can present you with a 3D model of your product, based on a composition of the elements you want. This visual will be very close to the final realisation of your product.
• If you already have the creative design, developed by a graphic designer or an external artist: the engraving workshop of Monnaie de Paris will use these elements to highlight this creation.

What are the different materials / metals offered?

The core trade of Monnaie de Paris is cold stamping of metal (as opposed to casting – which is also a technique that we master – or injection moulding). We only use noble metals of the highest quality. For example, for medals, the most frequently used materials are:
- bronze and brass (Florentine or coin); bronze may subsequently be silver- or gold-plated,
- solid silver and gold.
Sometimes we use other alloys. For more information on this subject, please contact us directly.

What diameters/thicknesses are possible for medals?

• It is up to you to choose the dimensions. We can offer you a range of diameters from several millimetres up to more than 10 centimetres.
• The thickness of the medal is generally determined in relation to the diameter, but above all, by the relief that you want on the medal.
For more information please contact us!

Is it possible to create a product range / or provide different versions of the same creation ?

It is altogether possible to create a range of several products based on the same visual. You can order medals of different sizes, or featuring different finishes (silver- or gold-plated, in solid silver or gold), and you can also order different objects, such as key chains.
Contact us for more information; we will be delighted to work with you on a new project.

Can colour be applied to a medal?

Yes, under certain conditions. For more information please contact us.

Can a medal be personalised, for example with a family name, given name, company logo?

If the medal has a free area that is smooth, we can use laser engraving to inscribe the words or image of your choosing, depending on the available space. If necessary, it is even possible, to engrave the edge of the medal.
If you would like to receive more information on this subject, please contact us!

Do I have to order a minimum number of pieces?

Given our industrial logistics, we have to impose a production minimum, according to the following scale:
• 50 pieces for medals and other products in bronze,
• 20 pieces for medals in solid silver
• no minimum for medals in solid gold.
• 4,800 pieces for mini-medals (34 mm in diameter)
For more information please contact us!

On average, how long does it take to manufacture a custom-made product?

As a general rule, a project involves 2 to 3 weeks of discussion before launching production, and then 7 to 10 weeks to manufacture, depending on its complexity. We would be happy to provide more detailed information: contact us!

What is the budget for developing a custom-made product?

We offer a whole range of creations to fit every budget, from the most modest, to works on a grand scale (for their size or their value). For more information, please contact us

What is meant by legal deposit?

Legal deposit is the legal obligation that requires producers and distributors of cultural products to deposit two copies with the depository organisations, which are required to hold them in keeping and record them. Under Chapter I, Section I, Paragraph III of the Code des instruments monétaires et des médailles (the French legal code pertaining to monetary instruments and medals), one piece of every new medal struck at Monnaie de Paris must be deposited with the Bibliothèque Nationale and a second must be submitted to the inventory of the heritage collections of Monnaie de Paris. These two pieces are billed in a separate invoice.
Therefore, your medal is permanently conserved in the national French collections!

How are custom-made products manufactured?

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What is a hallmark?

A hallmark is a very small discrete marking or punch struck in relief on articles made in precious metals: platinum, gold and silver.
It is normally placed in a discrete position on the article (reverse, edge, camouflaged in the relief of the article) so as not to interfere with the aesthetics.

"Precious metals hallmarks": these marks or punches, registered with the French Customs authorities, guarantee a certain purity of the metal, known as its "fineness" (silver 750‰, silver 999‰, gold 800‰, 925‰ or 999‰, etc.)
The "maker's mark": certain manufacturers of jewellery or objects in precious metals are authorised to design and own their own punch mark, to "sign" their work and their creations. This specific customised mark guarantees the origin of the article and "certifies" the brand. As a result, the manufacturer who strikes a punch mark on a product becomes responsible for the fineness of the metal contained in its creation.
In France, on jewellery and other articles in precious metals, at least two punch marks appear: one known as the "responsibility punch mark" and the other, the fineness punch mark or hallmark.
Did you know?
Monnaie de Paris manufactures all the punches for French jewellers, under an agreement with the French Customs. It is the official manufacturer of hallmark and branding instruments in French Republic.
Did you know as well?
Monnaie de Paris has its own punch: the Horn of Plenty, which can be seen on all the products we sell to the general public. For example, all euro coins struck for the French Republic bear the Monnaie de Paris punch mark!

Can an existing medal be reproduced?

Please contact us directly if you would like more information on this subject.