Pierre Hermé Paris

La Monnaie de Paris and Maison Pierre Hermé Paris are combining their expertise to present an exclusive collection of coins in the shape of a macaroon, the emblematic pastry of Maison Pierre Hermé Paris. This prestigious alliance unites the mastery of know-how, the quest for excellence and the limitless creativity of Pierre Hermé and Joaquin Jimenez.

We immediately found each other both in terms of creation and vocabulary. The worlds of arts and crafts are close, we leave no room for chance, we aim for excellence, uniqueness. We started from our prerequisite, the drawing, to imagine and offer a new experience, protean.

Engraver word

These original macaroon-shaped coins were made from 3 blanks. Two blanks are cut out and then shaped and debossed to give the curved appearance of macaroon cookies, while adding graphic elements that reflect the aesthetic codes of Pierre Hermé.
Another blank is cut and hollowed out, creating the appearance of a crown. Its edges are then crushed with a tool to reproduce the rounded aspect of the macaroon's ganache. This same blank is then struck to create grooves that will be used to set the two curved blanks. 

For the first time, the Monnaie de Paris has produced a three-part coin which, once assembled, reproduces the illusion of the famous pastry. We were able to combine the height of the product with the weight standards of our coins: indeed, the interior of the macaroon is hollow, which allows us to limit the weight of metal to one ounce of gold or silver.

Emblematic coins

On the front, Pierre Hermé's initials and the seal of the French Republic intertwine to better connect. On the reverse side, salt, the pastry chef's essential companion, is an unexpected troublemaker, marking the precious macaroon with its crystal, alongside the face value and the different names of the Atelier de Gravure and the General Engraver, Joaquin Jimenez.