Museum masterpieces, girl with a pearl earring

Since 2017, Monnaie de Paris pay tribute to the most beautiful works that have been produced or exhibited in France. In 2021, the first work to be honoured is Johannes Vermeer's painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring".

On the front we find Vermeer's famous painting "The Girl with the Pearl Earring". The frame was designed by the engravers of the Monnaie de Paris and we can see the facade of the Jeu de Paume Museum at the bottom of the painting where the work was first exhibited outside the Netherlands in 1921.

Emblematic coins

As in 2020, Monnaie de Paris offers an exceptional half a kilo silver coin, entirely produced in the manufacture’s workshops. To represent the work most faithfully, the coin is coloured and the frame has been engraved identically to perfect the illusion.