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A true mark of distinction to reward and federate your employees

Made in France in the artisan workshops of Monnaie de Paris, the Medal of Honour for Service is unique, official and personalised. The medal awards ceremony is the perfect occasion to bring your employees together in an event that unifies the team and reinforces their sense of belonging to your company.


Médaille d'honneur du travail 4 grades

4 grades

The Medal of Honour for Service is available in 4 grades and it rewards employees for years of service in one or several entities:

• GRADE "SILVER": silver 950 ‰, for 20 years of service
• GRADE "GILT" silver plated 950 ‰, for 30 years of service
• GRADE "GOLD" in 950 ‰ silver or solid 750 ‰ gold, for 35 years of service
• GRADE "GRAND GOLD": silver plated 950 ‰ or 750 ‰ solid gold, for 40 years of service

Médaille d'honneur du travail détails

An official and personalised medal

The insignia of the Medal of Honour for Service burned by the Monnaie de Paris are official and comply with Decree No. 84-591 of 4 July 1984. The medals are sold engraved, in a packaging with the logo of the Monnaie de Paris, accompanied by their certificate of authenticity and their lapel pin.

What are the conditions to get the Medal of Honour of Service?

Instituted by the Decree of 15 May 1948, the Medal of Honor for Service is available in 4 grades and represents the recognition by the Republic of the professional investment of any employee for 20 years, 30, 35 and 40 years of service in one or several entities.

To get the Medal of Honor for Service, you must be an employee or pensioner and meet the following conditions:
• have worked 20 years or more in one or several entities;
• have worked in France, in the departments and overseas territories or abroad for a French structure.

Are taken into account for the calculation of periods, paid internships for vocational training, training leave, leave the conversion as well as fixed-term contracts.

The Medal of Honor Labour may be granted:
• employees who because of their profession or that of their employer, are entitled to honor awarded by seniority services by a department,
• to state officials who are subject to the statute of the public service,
• judges of the judiciary.

What are the formalities to obtain the Medal of Honor for Service ?

 The Medal of Honor for Service is awarded at the request of the employer or the employee who must submit an application. The file should contain:
• a completed form, dated and signed by the applicant (special form to obtain in town halls and prefectures);
• the employer certificates, by which the employer(s) certify the information contained in the application.

Promotions are awarded twice a year : 1st of January and 14th of July (applications must be sent by 1st of May for the promotion of 14th of July and before 15th of October for that of 1st of January). Applications must be sent to the Prefect of the department in which the candidate resides.

The allocation of  The Medal of Honor for Service includes a diploma that is sent to the applicant. This diploma recalls the years of service for which the employee is rewarded. A bonus at the discretion of the employer can also accompany the presentation of the Medal of Honor of Labor.