Conseil d'Administration - Monnaie de Paris

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for Monnaie de Paris' strategy and development.
It approves the annual budget and accounts, as well as all major decisions taken by the institution.

It is composed by 21 members, including 7 state representatives, 7 staff representatives and  7 qualified individuals with backgrounds in culture or business.

Comité de la stratégie - Monnaie de Paris

The Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee evaluates projects relating to coins in circulation and collector coins for foreign central banks (design, production, manufacture, etc.)

Comité d'audit - Monnaie de Paris

The Audit and Accounts Committee

The Audit and Accounts Committee prepares the vote by the Board of Directors on budgets and the annual financial accounts.

It also monitors risks, provisions, metal and exchange hedges, margins and cash flow, as well as the functioning of the analytical accounting and IT systems.

Comité des rémunérations - Monnaie de Paris

The Remunerations Committee

The Remunerations Committee deals with all aspects of the business relating to human resources (agreements on the means at the disposal of trade unions, mandatory annual negotiations, changes in staff numbers, etc).

Comité exécutif - Monnaie de Paris

The executive committee

The Executive Committee oversees the institution's main business functions and ensures its operational running.

It has 10 members: the Chairman and CEO, and the senior management team.

Exposition David Lachapelle - © J-J Castaing

The Cultural committee

Monnaie de Paris' Cultural Committee was created in 2008 to steer the company's cultural policy towards  an events programme that sets the bar high, while at the same time attracting a wide public. Its members are leading French and international figures from the arts, culture and media world, whose job is to assess projects for exhibitions, cultural events and new creations. It brings fresh ideas to the table and guides the company's choices with its independent and multidisciplinary advice.