History of United States independence - Great seal of the United States

After the country's independence on July 4, 1776, the seal of the United States was made in 1782 by John Prestwick, William Barton and Charles Thomson. Used to authenticate certain documents issued by the federal government of the United States, the seal has not been altered despite some artistic changes. This year it is featured on gold and silver coins.

The 25€ silver coin and the 200€ gold coin are reverse polished that brings a different reading of the coin.

Most of the designs of Monnaie de Paris follow the same pattern, i.e. a polished background and a sandblasted pattern.

On this design, the motif is polished in reverse and the sandblasting is on the background. It magnifies the design.

Emblematic coins

The face represents one of the most accurate versions of the Great Seal: the rays of light "piercing the clouds", a bald eagle with outstretched wings holding an olive branch and thirteen arrows in the other, the whole symbolising peace as well as defence through war. On the reverse, America, symbolised by an Indian princess, holds a cornucopia and welcomes Mercury, the god of science and commerce in the United States.